Free Smart Prescription Savings Card

Smart Prescription Savings Discount Card

How to use the card?

Get a prescription discount card for free! This card can be used for discounts of up to 95% on 50,000+ prescription drugs at most U.S. pharmacies.Click on the button below and start saving on 50,000+ medications.
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Bring your discount card along with your prescription to the pharmacy and present it when you pay.
If your pharmacist isn't familiar with our prescription medication discount program, please have him call the number printed on the card.
You can use it for every member of your family (even pets!) and there are no quantity limits or hidden fees.
Enjoy the convenience of our reusable Rx discount card which is pre-loaded with all of our 50,000+ prescription discounts.
You will receive your card within two weeks, in the meanwhile we provide you a temporary card to print immediately so you can start saving money right now!
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